What do you know about the Ford Windstar 1995? Is it good?

My sister just bought one and I'd like to know if she made a good buy. May the Blessing of Her Majesty be with you my son!


Is a celica better than an acura and a pontiac?

Ummmm... there really nice vans and all but the 3.8L is knowen to have head gasket problems that start around 150,000 miles, personally i would buy the 1995 Aerostar with 3.0L, bigger, holds more stuff and holds people more comfortablely.

The air conditioner of my dodge caravan only work in High.?

i know for a fact is has good gas mileage, can carry lots of people and cargo, and is safe. the typical minivan.

What does the GT stand for in Mustang GT?

We had a 1995 a few years back...it was a really good minivan, but I traded it in for an Expedition, I wanted something a little more sporty.

Where do I get p/s pump, pulleys,& brackets for 1979 460 no a/c ?

i had one with the 3.8L.. if it has this motor it is prone to blowing headgaskets and even had a recall because of this. otherwise it was a very reliable vehicle.

What is the proper way to break in to an engine?

If the vehicle was taken care of, I know of a few at 200,000 miles plus but as someone said, they had a habit of blowing head gaskets (most I find have been fixed already as I don't see them as I used to anymore) and the transmissions having shifting problems/ Torque converter if not taken care of

1998 honda accord, timing belt.. i just hit 60,000 miles.. should i have the timing belt replaced?

But a little TLC and they will last for a while...
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