1988 chevy s10 4x4 front axle wont engage?

blazer,4.3L,auto,130K,transfer case engages front driveshaft,vaccum actuator under hood is working,however there is vaccum present in either 2 or 4WD. it makes no difference if the plunger on the actuator is in or out,the front axle will not lock.


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That is the dumbest 4wd system iI have seen.If you pull the stick into 4wd and you have vacuum at your servo (under your battery)does it pull the cable?if not then maybe your cable is siezed,or the syncro in your front diff is not working.Vacumm flows from your vac switch on your transfer case,to your servo (when 4wd is engaged)which pulls a cable to engage your front diff.Good luck

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must b inside transfer case.

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sometimes if you can move the vacuum actuator you can lock it with a pair of visegrips and engege your t-case. if the front axle dont help move the vehicle then your problem is inside the front axle. sometimes you have to rock the vehicle back and forth to get the front axle to engage fully. hope this helps.

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My experience with this engagement system if the servo is working that is under the battery is that the cables will seize and the clip that attaches the cable to the servo or the axle actuator will disengage and the axle will not engage. I just done one a few weeks ago with the same concern.
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