1981 4 door Lincoln Continental Production Numbers?

My car has a 302 with T.B.I (second year available in a Lincoln), cloth interior and is two tone (dark brown and tan [I think the dark brown may have beenadded at a later date]). I paid $400.00 for it and didn't have to do anything for a safety. I'd also be interested in a rough appraisal if the car was restored. Right now there is a little rust on both front fenders the divers side arm rest on the door panel is cracked and the paint on the hood has faded and has gotten a little blotchy.


I was wondering what everyone thought about the Chevy Lumina? Does it last. Prone to problems? Gas Mileage?

I am a Lincoln car collector and for a 1980 through 1983 mark VI have much value. If you had the signature series model for 1980 or 1981 in original condition would be worth close to $10,000. The other models are not worth much you didn't state the mileage or which continental you have (towncar, markVI). Collectors like myself would only want a low mileage (under 60,000 miles) all original Lincoln or a total professional restoration which the restoration would cost more then the car is worth.

I have a 2000 nissan altima and 2 replace a A/C ambient temp sensor behind the dash how 2 get 2 that sensor?

Visit lincolnsonline.com, lots of Lincoln experts there.
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