1991 12 valve Cummins Diesel-fuel injector pump and timing relation?

Injection pump was leaking had to remove to fix, after replacing it the engine seems to be missing, #3 injector when loosened it doesn't change the tune of the engine like the rest did when loosened. could it be out of time after the injector R&R?


Anybody have experience with the Mugen ECU?

I take it the engine ran fine before the r&r of the pump. However, if one cylinder is off then all would be off, but it never hurts to double check the timing. Although it sounds to me like you have lost #3 at the pump, but without seeing the problem its gonna be hard to diagnos. Is there any smoke, popping noise, engine running rough? A little more info would help. Also exactly what has been done. Did you make sure to time the engine before removal? Did you check fuel pressure to pump?
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