1992 Cavalier sputters/jerks at stop after long trips?

I drive about an hour to school every morning (all highway). If I go over 80mph all the way there, the car will sputter/jerk when I come to a stop at the exit. If I get on the gas real hard when I take off from the exit (get the RPMs up), the sputtering is corrected. If I don't get the RPMs up, the sputtering continues and is evident in Park, Neutral, and Drive. Could this be a transmission solenoid even if it sputtering is occurring in Park and Neutral? The sputtering will not occur if I keep it under 80mph, but usually I am in a hurry to get to class. I am no expert on cars, but I believe it has something to do with the oil blowing up into the valves and causing them to stick leading to improper combustion. I feel that the increased RPMs upon hard acceleration from the stop frees the valves. Does my theory even make sense? I have tried fuel system cleaner and change the oil every 5 weeks/3,000miles. I have tried Lucas oil stabilizer. Besides this issue, the car runs great. Any ideas?


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Time to take it to a trans specialist for work.

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Very common with these cars.At the transmission,you will see a blue harness connector plugging into the side of your trans.Unplug it.This is the harness connector for the torque convertor.It makes the torque Convertor engage and disengage to allow for better gas mileage. It is kown as the 'lockup switch' This will stop the jerking at stops.

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you could have a plug wire/ spark plug problem my friend had the same problem with his toyota so look at that first and if u are all good there take it to a shop and get the thing looked at

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YEP... torque converter solenoid..the one answer is right disconnect at frt of trans 4 wire square connector drive around for a week see if still happens.. If not that is what it is..parts are not that expensive.. If you have it fixed spend an extra 20 bucks and replace the second gear switch also..I'm saying that because i got bit a couple of times..bout a 5 hour job..

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Fuel pump could be going bad, since you've tried the Lucas and fuel system cleaner this may be what you need but could also be your fuel filter the fuel system cleaner won't unplug this if its dirty. Higher rpm's means your forcing the gas through the filter but it's a good bet this is your problem.

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I cant remember what its called but its in your transmission and it controls the final gear overturn ratio. in mostly all chevy's except corvette. Chevy was fortunate to make it past the 1993 era with caviliers and lumina's because they had a gear overtune ratio that could actually cause the car to fry piston rings and ignite fire from within the cylinder base. but your theory is accurate soet of . try cheking the tourque converter its under the car somewhere but from what i've learned so far cars are built to stay on the ground not fly. by thm doing that you can knock that torque switch to remain stuck on which could also cause the jerks

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You could have a couple of problems here. The first thing to do would be to make sure all of your secondary ignition is good. This means inspecting all spark plug wiring ends for corrosion and carbon tracking as well as the wires themselves for signs of rubbed or burned through insulation. Do some maximum spark ouput tests at the spark plug end to be sure your coils can deliver the required output. Check to be sure your spark plugs are not broken, carbon tracked, or worn out. Check fuel filter to be sure it isn't plugged or starting to get plugged. If all that is okay, you might be having the starts of a TCC problem. This is the torque convertor clutch inside the trans' torque convertor. You can unplug the connection into the trans., but you should get it repaired. To diagnose this, do your drive with the connector unplugged and see what happens. Good luck.

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Take it to a shop...Could be a number of things,spark plugs,plug wires,fuel filter,egr problems.Good luck
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