1988 Chevy Silverado?

Overnight, my Pickup has lost GO power at take offs, it hesitates and does so even if I have the accelerator floored.

Whats your favourite car mine is a lamborghini?

Once on the freeway/speeds, it feels just fine to problem-runs great.

I recently had an air intake kit put on my 99 Sunfire. Now the "Check Engine" light is on. Why?

I first thought it might be the TORQE converter. was not
Then i got TWO different COMPUTER DIAGNOSTICS- nothing found!

Right tyre pressure in psi for honda civic 2006?

Checked: timming, EGR, Cap/Rotor/plugs/wires, Fuel filter, all wires top to bottom, O2 sensor, Cat-converter, transmission flushed, checked almost everything.


It's a 305 5.0 L V8, Auto, TBI-throttle body injection. i think my fuel pump might be the problem, or throtle position sensor? i don't what else to think, i will return to my mechanic on thursday... any opinions or knowledge would be nice thanks people.

What do you guys think of 1994 Civic Hatchbacks?

Pleas feel free to ask me questions, i will be checking and answer at "Add details"

2007 Volvo S60? Anyone familiar with the key functions?



Where is the MAP sensor located in an Hyundai Elentra 2001?

It sounds like a vacuum leak to me. They can be vexing to locate sometimes as the hose may look fine but have hidden crack. Good luck. Try a vacuum gage to see if you are getting full vacuum.

Where specifically is ford cebu located?

are you up to date on all maintenance ? You can check the fuel pump pressure, you'll see the valve a little ways before the TBI. Good Luck. Maybe ya gotta tank of 'bad' gas?

Anyone have a 2004 Toyota Rav4 and is happy with it? I'm looking to buy one.?

check..t,p,s,.& the throttle body itself...check throttle plate for bushing wear, check temperature sensor for the on board computer.may be telling wrong temperature.therefore running lean..be sure injector,s are clean & operating corectly..finally check your on board computer....may be malfunctioning....also check for any vacuum leak,s...hope this help,s...good luck!

Bolt pattern 1993 jeep grand cherokee?

I have an 88 chevy p/u and the same happened to me, It was an intake gasket sucking air.Spray penetrating oil where the intake meets the head and listen for the engine rpms to change.Do the same at base of throttle body.I'll bet thats your problem

Turbo for a 2001 Subaru RS?

Well if fuel filter has been done.. might be a catalytic converter plugging up!!you say it runs fine cap rotor would make it missfire. Its Sunday pull the O2 sensor if will come out..take it for a ride if any improvement ..look for a restricted exhaust..just saw that you said it was checked but how was it checked?

Who owns Landrover?

I think your headed in the right direction. The throttle sensor can do this as well as the fuel pump. There is also a air flow sensor that will cause this. Good luck. If it was one of the sensors there should be a code in the computer and since you've not found one it's a good bet that it's the fuel pump.

Corvette z06 engine?

Your probably on the right track checking the fuel pressure.My experience is they need to run 14 lbs to perform it`s best,i don`t agree with specs which call for 9 to 14lbs.

Re "JeffyB"?

My husband is a GM mechanic and said to check the fuel pressure. He is almost certain that it is the fuel pump.
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