1987 Alfa Romeo 75/Milano 2.5 litre V6?


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I am trying to decide whether I should buy a 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano/75 for $1500 CDN (roughly $1250 USD). This is most likely the "platinum" version. I have heard that there are problems with reliability (brakes, electrical). I am a student and although I have plenty of money to perform regular maintenance I am not going to be able to bare too many expensive replacements.

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I know that this mostly depends on how well the previous owner has taken care of the car but does anyone have any suggestions?

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Believe me, I have owned many Italian cars. Right now I own a 1975 Lancia.That sounds like a great buy,but it WILL be expensive for parts.And unless you are an above average wrench, and able to work on it yourself,it will be hard to find a decent mechanic to work on it..and it won't be cheap!

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Sorry---run away. This car is a piece of crap (and I LOVE Alfas and have owned them).

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If you MUST have an Alfa, get a 1982-93 Spider with Bosch injection, or if you MUST have a sedan, try a 164 but only with a manual transmission-----Alfa automatics really suck.


Unless you can budget perhaps $200 a month to keep this car on the road, (that's just maintenance and repairs, not gas or insurance), I'd suggest you sober up and try something else.

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BAD cars the Milano.BAD BAD cars.

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Agree, Milano BAD BAD. Had to replace the fuel line at least 3 times in one year. Guiseppe(car's name) ate oil like there was no tomorrow. Had it tuned constantly by the Alfa dealership. Try something else, please.
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