1995 gmc sonoma turbochargers?

i was wondering where to get a turbocharger for my 1995 gmc sonoma which is an inline 4 cylinder, 2.2L engine.my truck is totally stock so i might need a list of all of the other upgrades that are also needed and if you have the time can you tell me other good performance parts that will boost up the horses. thank you for your responce.


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Here is a site that specializes in turbo kits and parts for your engine. http://www.dts2.net/turbos-10

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Here is a forum topic that might answer any other questions you may have. http://www.s10forum.com/forum/f105/turbo...

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I would suggest if you decide on the turbo. Go ahead and find the best gear ratio that will give you better traction but will not sacrifice your fuel economy. You probably benefit from wider tires and a good turbo back exhaust. An air tube will also help. I would check on custom programming to squeeze out the extra horsepower you will be producing from the turbo. Also a good Belltech lowering kit would be great to help get traction. You could also try traction bars.

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It just all depends on how much you are willing to spend and how much power you are planning on producing. The more power you want, the more engine work will have to be done. Looks like you can get about a 200 hp output on the stock 2.2L with a turbo (stage 1). Upwards to 500 hp (stage 3) and a totally rebuilt engine to handle all the boost.

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Don't forget to upgrade your brakes, suspension, fuel system and transmission (clutch or torque converter) to compensate for more power.

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dont bother. Itll cost more than your truck is worth. If you want a faster vehicle, sellyours and buy something meant for performance.
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