07 Eclipse GS vs 07 Accord coupe EX-L?

Hi, they are about the same price and same performance.
Now I like both designs. I am planing to ride one for about 10 years.
I am just wondering which car would be more reliable and cost less for maintenance, let say, after 5 years? I just found out that both cars are manufactured in North America.


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Both have different features, so the extras you want are up to you.

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Don't be fooled, just because the Accord is made in America, doesn't mean that Japan doesn't get a good bit of the money from the sale.

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Mitsubishi on the other hand is or was partially owned by Chrysler group, so the money would stay in America.

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People like Honda's because they "are reliable" but in truth they are expensive to repair, and take a look at a 10 year old Honda, it'll have more rust than a 10 year old car should. Besides 10 years? people are going to be like "He drives that old beater?" (Given how plain the Honda's are, I can imagine them quickly that style will look old in a few years)


The Eclipse is a sport car, which people will still respect after 10 years. Even a 1997 Eclipse is still appealing, especially compared to a 1997 Accord. The the 2007 Eclipse is a hot car, that styling won't fade out anytime soon.

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The Accord has become pretty common, and doesn't stand out in the crowd like the Eclipse does.

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Even if the Accord's are pretty reliable, like all cars, they need to see the mechanic every so often, all cars do with age. Test drive them, sleep on it, get back to us.

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07 Eclipse GS because it's way faster(you see the eclipse in movies, how many accords do you see?). Eclipse is one of the best cars that is out there.

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i own a 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse (1.8) and a 1993 Eclipse GS (2.0) and i love both of my cars and they both never gave me problems.. Honda's on the other hand are really problematic after a few years (less than 5) and are expensive to repair i would suggest to get a Mitsubishi very good investment and cheap to maintain!! and also eclipse can smoke a accord =D

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hope i helped in your dissension!
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