1967 Buick Sport Wagon production #'s, Custom Vista glass roof?

Does anyone have access to this information? I know that it was not very many, especially in Canada.


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I would call Buck and ask they may have production figures or call a Buick dealership.

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Hope this helps

I ask alot sorry but is a Mitsubishi Eclipse the way to go?I want to customize it and add stuff & some speed!

Very cool car you have there. The cousin to that car was also the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Wagon. I added the link to the Buick Club of America. They should be able to help you with the numbers game.

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You can check this place out to see if you can get roof glass from other years or models of buick.
As a last resort you can see if there is someone who does custom glass for automobiles in your area. I say last resort, because it can be very expensive going this route.

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