07 Civic or 07 Camry?

Which is a better first car for a 15 year old who's just getting his permit?


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First of all, hey! wait....
How can a 15 year old get a permit?
If he can, then let me know in which part of the world do you live?
I'll be joining You soon!
However, as many have already said, collision in inexperienced drivers in not uncommon.And yes, it may continue even after one has lost the car warranty.
I have seen and heard a lot of problems regarding car repair after collision!
IT costs high and is definitely pinching even if someone is a millionaire!!
I would suggest to go for a stylish hatchback instead or if you have already made up your mind on a three box league car,
Fiesta and Lancer Cedia would be better options!

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The one he can pay cash for using his own money. If a 15 year old is responsible enough to pay for a car himself, he'll be responsible enough to drive it carefully.

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If you're his parent, could you please adopt me? I want my dad to buy me a new car! Seriously, teens get into more accidents per mile than adults so perhaps you should give him your car and you should get a new car for yourself. But to answer your question, I'd say a 2007 Camry. Always buy a car assuming it will be kept for years and years (I never dreamed that I would keep a car for 19 years and no, it's not a collector's car). He can keep the car til he's in his early thirties so a Camry would be great for a young family. The Camry is also much roomier and great for when he goes to college, moves to a new town after college, etc. Both cars have a good reputation for good workmanship. I would think that the Camry being slightly larger would be safer in a collision.

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a civic would be your best choice because camrys are for more experience driver because it is a bigger car n harder to control than a civic civics are great cars for everybody and honda is also known to last for a very long time n it is more affordable than that of a camry great project car as well.

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a young kid will like a civic. but for safety, a camry is better. but he'll be mocked by his friends

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Neither. IT would be better to get him something older and bigger. That way if/when he bangs it up, you won't have paid and arm and a leg just to waste it, plus there will be more metal around him to protect him.

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07' Civic SI

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Neither. For no new driver should have a new car for it will be trashed in no time or in a fender bender.

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A used 98' Camry is more the proper lines. Safe, bigger than Civic, not "fancy" and get a 4 banger so it has no power. No power = no 120mph tickets.

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My first car in 1985 was a 1972 Pontiac Catalina. A Civic could fit in that interior alone. Paid $200 for it. At the time, I hated it, today I am happy, for I appreciate what I own.

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To give a high mark right off, gives the child no goal to work for. This is called spoiling.

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I said this to my Dad and step Mom for my step Bro when he turned 18. They bought him a Trans Am w/ the Vette package. Not even a year later he barreled rolled it on a back road with 4 buddies doing 155mph. Lucky, some how by the grace of God, they all lived.

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07 Civic Si = ! + =]

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Why not a civic wanna be crusin don't u?

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Well, Since you are an adolescent, i suggest you start drive the Camry. you must learn drive big cars in order to gain self- esteem. Civic is a small car so it may not be benefit for you.
Toyota cars have good reputation, their cars never break down and it is easy to find services.

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If I HAD to choose from ONLY these 2, I would advise the Honda...
For those that keep spouting the old "Toyota = quality" lie, take a look at:
That's the link to the NHTSA's office of defects investigation.
These are the actual consumer complaints, regarding safety of the '07 Camry (115 comlaints). Pay close attention to the ones about the transmission. Is that what you want a new driver to experiance?

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Here's the complaints on the Civic (only 5):
Please not the odometer discrepancy complaints. There is a currant class action suit about this. Due to the odometer clicking off miles quicker than reality, the warranty expires before it should. Hmmmmmm?

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Personally I would support the economy of North America instead of Japans economy, regardless of where the actual vehicle is assembled, the homeland of the manufacturer is the one that benifits:

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Here is an article from Forbes about Smart Cars for Teens:

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You should check out the '07 Fusion..You won't find it at NHTSA-o.d.i. because there are absolutely ZERO complaints.

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hope this helps!

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I would go with the camry over the civic

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Your buying your kid a brand new car when he has no driving experience what so ever. I really don't want to insult you but your taking a big risk. Teenagers get into more accidents than anyone else. I would suggest just getting a used camry or used corolla, but hey it's your kid your call.
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