1986 1/2 Toyota Supra having a problem with factory alarm,starter disable,can u tel me how to disable?

I have a clifford aftermarket alarm so I have a keyless entry,but awhile back everytime I open the door the alarm went of(factory) and was disabled till it reset.Then even after not using the clifford alarm and using the key ,that worked for a short time and it started doing the same thing.Now I want to disable it.TOYOTA WILL NOT DO IT OR TELL ME HOW.Clifford checked there stuff and said that there is nothing wrong with their alarm and toyota says that the clifford is causing the problem,back and forth with no help.The clifford alarm was totally wired separate using no wires from the factory alarm,so both are intact.But something is wrong.can someone PLZ help thanks in advance?


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i own a shop,and have ran across this problem before you can disable the alarm system by pulling the fuse out for it,the factory one has a fuse in the fuse panel for it,and by pulling it, it will disable it,the other one should work just fine unless they also have it tied in with the factory one,but i doubt they did this,but try this,it should make it work ,good luck i hope this helps.

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Do what dodge ma... said cuz i own a 1987 supra. After u do what he says get a Codealarm. It doesn't just have a alarm, but it also has a automatic start. it costs $100. If u keep the factory alarm u will have this problem again.
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