What do you think could be wrong with my car?

it's a ford focus and it started to loose power and drive very shakily now the transmission or engine light has come on after flashing.any ideas?


Help needed with gear shift release?

a flashing check engine light indacates a class a misfire. If not fixed it will cause other damage.
good luck

What is in your opinion the best XR? and why?

shoulda bought a chevrolet

95 nissan pathfinder alarm will not allow vehicle to start . How do I discount the alarm for good.?

Those 'flashing' lights are there for a reason!! take it to a garage before its completely f.ucked , moron...... Why did you bother with your question then dick face.

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Your motor is probably getting ready to blow up on you if I could keep it parked till I could figure out what to do with it that might be great!

What can I put in my 03 Accord V6?

You need a tune up new spark plugs and spark plug wires and if you have a distributor cap change that also have a nice day.

Rx8 or Mustang gt?

if you are in the Uk have you brought dodgy fuel from asda, tesco or morrisons?

Where is the ignition module on a 92 Sonoma?

Head gasket blown.

I need to know the spark plug gap setting for a 2005 Ford Explorer with 4.6 L engine?

I'm not a mechanic!! take it to one!!

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Last time I checked, there was no such thing as a "transmission light" :D
Anyway, if your check engine light is on, then there is probably something wrong with your engine. As you said, it's been losing power and been driving very shakily. Check your shocks to see what the deal is about the shaky driving. If it's losing power, I'd suggest going to a mechanic unless you know that you know what you're doing, because there might be a problem with the engine valves or you might have a leak in the cylinder, causing you to lose power.

1992 Merecedes Benz 190E?

plugged exhaust ignition module wires plugs low coolant

Is it possible to put a full or mini spool in 1990 nissan 240sx differential?

lots of things but its probably only 1 get a diagnoses from a pro

the engine light is telling you that something is wrong the codes tell me where to look yours will most likely be a p0300 code misfire or something like that Thain i can test the coils and sensors and find\fix your problem

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and don't let floppy get to you hes upset cause hes impotent

What type of oil is best to use in a Honda Civic?

LoL I just want to give you some feed back on what you said the floppy dick.. ... ... weird name but whatever. LOVED IT!! It made ma laugh anyway. Hope you get your car working!

What mods can I add to my porsche 928 s4 for under 2000$ to get it to achieve 0-60 in 5.1 or less like a gts?

Following on from Monte the Man, ind out how much plugs and leads are (not the cheapest, but something like NGK and Bosch) and then find out how much to get a dianostics check done. If the plugs leads don't work you will need a diagnostics check anyway. Tt sounds like it could be one of the sensors.

Headers on 89 Nissan Sentra?

Happened to my Nan it's called death

Is bmw going to come up with the new 5 series anytime soon? i want to buy an 06, 545 i should i wait?

Sorry about your problem mate but you are right about floppy dick. He gave a stupid answer to someone who has a spot problem on their bum. He is a MORON!!

I have a 65 Mustang with a 68 250 6 cylinder with a 3 speed transmission.?

Sounds like you are running out of oil and your engine is about to seize up. Don't drive it anymore! You need a mechanic to check it over and it may be better to tow it to your garage. Could be expensive.

I have a bad vibration in my steering wheel at highway speeds?

well there is no such thing as "transmission light" since you dont even know that i suggest taking it to a mechanic beacause i wouldnt want you to do any kind of work on your vehicle unless you want to buy a new vehicle this one is completely FU**ED.

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it could be a variety of problems. you could be having a problem with the eletrical system (i.e. ignition) causing the sparkplugs to misfire (or possibly not firing at all). or it could be a problem with your oil (when was the last time you got your oil and transmission fluid changed?) i would take it to a professional since there is so many different possibilities of what is wrong. they can run diagnositics and find the problem right away...may i suggest you get it towed to the shop, too.

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Could be a whole lot of things. Could be something as simple as spark plugs and/or wires, or could be something that is not so simple, maybe a head gasket. If you have overheated it lately it probably is a head gasket. Check the oil for water (milky colored oil) and check the radiator for oil.
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