1987 porsche 928 s4 vs 1994 mitsubishi 3000gt vr-4?

performance, handling, looks, etc.


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The previous guy who answered is comparing apples to oranges. The 944 was a 4 cyl. The 928 was a V8. It's a great GT car, but it was long in the tooth by 1987, which was the first year of the restyled S4 variant. Its lineage can be traced back to 1975 or so. Meanwhile, the Mitsu is a more modern car with 4WD (or AWD?) and had a twin-turbo V6 to get it going at speaks probably as fast as a stick S4, if not faster - probably the latter. And while the Porsche is more appealing overall to me, it's still the red-headed step child in the Porsche world. If you want a pleasure vehicle, check out the Porsche, especially if it's a stick. The Mitsu would make better daily transportation.

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id go for the Mitsubishi ,its a much better car,i own a 85 model Porsche 944 ,and to me its a piece of junk and too expensive to keep up also,the Mitsubishi to me is a much better car and will last a lot longer also,good luck i hope this helps.

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Exactly, the 944 is exactly what a Volvo S80 is to a Volvo S40...the S40 being a ford engine
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