What are some common problems to look out for on a 1993 Lexus SC 400?


1990 jeep cherokee v6...when I apply my brakes motor doesn't idle down..on start up rpms stick at about?

1) PS pump can go bad and can also leak fluid onto the alternator which is right below it and take that out as well.
2) Control arm bushings
3) Gauge cluster needle illumination
4) Climate control LCD display
5) Torque converter weakness
6) Window regulator
7) Headlamp fogging/yellowing
8) Heater control valve
9) CD changer skipping
10) The SC is also very sensitive to wheel and tire balance/pressure/offset issues

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besides what she mentioned.

I need to know if and where I can purchase a swamp buggy?

side padding on seat wears out over time due to people sliding in.
not the greatest car for snow, any snow, as bad as a Vette.

How fast is a Saleen S7?

Past a few flaws that all cars have, you'll enjoy it. I talked a buddy of mine out of his big Caddy into a 98' SC400 and he is past hog heaven, he never gets out of the car anymore.

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the lexus badge

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okay i have 2 sc300's and one sc400 and the only thing thats went wrong on the 400 is the power steering hose is leaking and it will cost like 600-800 to get a new one. if you dont get it replaced it will leak down onto the alternator and will cause that too go out so my advice to you is check that before you but one, now my sc300 i just had to replace the seat cause it was ripped and also the water pump but thats not usually a common problem of lexus's. i have 2 92's and a 95; and they are the best cars i hae ever had, they also get pretty good gas mileage despite what ppl say.

Does the Toyota Prius come with the same engine as the Toyota Vitz?

The above answers are correct! I've had a '95 for three years. Troubles so far are just little things. The speedometer and tachometer needles may lose their lights. Mine did. there was a company that can fix the instrument panel for around $120 US, searchable on Ebay. My driver's side window regulator just broke. I got a new one for $127 on Ebay and installed it in about an hour. (This is a job for an experienced DIY-er!) Ebay has tons of parts for this car. Be sure to have the timing belt changed at around 90,000 miles. The 1UZ-FE engine is an interference engine (will ruin valves if belt breaks.)
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