What are the compare and contrast of a Camero and a Firebird sports car?


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animallo Hi in reality the cars are twins made by the same company GM .. Each has its own unique look. Caused by different body panels .. So its really a matter of appeal to the eye .. The Camero was much more popular and many more were made ... The Firebird although over shaded by Camero is a true American Classic .. Its all a matter of beauty to the eye .. Good Luck

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the same..only looks differnt.built on same line same engines, trannys,brakes etc..

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Aside from options packages and the looks of the cars, they are identical. If you want the baddest of the bad they're generally the higher end firebirds and trans ams (firehawk and t/a ws6 "Ram Air"). The actual suspensions/drivetrains/etc are exactly the same between the two cars.

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The Camero and Firebird were both made by GM, Camero by Chevrolet and Firebird by Pontiac. The styling on the Firebird is a little more "in your face", but the price is more also. The engines that were available are the same.

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Same car with a slightly different body shell and trim. Both very fast, but also very unreliable, with lots and lots of problems, recalls, etc. GM no longer makes them because they were so problem-prone. Avoid them like the plague.

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Same car, different styling. CamAro (with an 'a') is just more prevalent and has a much larger following. And the new one coming out...whew! That thing is sweet.

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Hey, you sound like a cool chick...I am looking for a decent Firebird convertible from 1993-1995 with a V8/ manual.
They are very hard to find, because most people ordered the Trans Am.the firebird has a smaller nose, and it doesnt have such a big ugly spoiler in the back.

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The Camaro and Firebird are basically the same, but for some reason, insuring the firebird is more costly. The performance firebirds are the one's that carry the same engine as the Corvettes, these are the ones you want to hold on to if you come across one. Reason being, they stop making them. My understanding is that GM and Pontiac are getting together to come up with a new Trans-am Firebird in the near future. The price is going to be unreal.

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Camaro, fast, Firebird extremely fast, roaring sound as it accelerates. Camaro traditional, Firebird a rebel and aimed at more demanding customers, more gut-like.

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the camero is less sportive and the firebird has a better motor and runs faster.
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