1995 chevy astro van it will start, but will not stay running if you touch the gas or put it in gear?

fuel pump, strainer, filter,and fuel pump pulsator are new, and the distributer has been replaced.


Where can i find a owners manual for a 1995 chevy suburban?

it needs a turn top he he

Car manual for honda.?

You probably have water in your distributor cap

95 Jetta Radio doesn't go off?

Wow, i would have though it would run like new with what has been done..

Power steering pump in 2000 Jeep cherokee..?

throttle position sensor,
EGR valve,
air flow meter,

2001 ford ranger?

I'm not sure what all can be checked on your Van...

I have a Landrover Discovery II, has a small antifreeze leak? What should I do?

best wishes,

How can a BMW 530i have a higher green rating then a Mercedes E320 Bluetec?


Anyone have a cherokee with the 4.0 that has dual exhaust on it?

i have a 1990 with the 4.3 and it did that to.
1. its the egr
To remove EGR from 95 Astro.: Pull off air cleaner assy. (air filter box and snorkel that runs to intake manifold). This takes a 5/16 socket to loosen hose clamp, and unplug air sensor @ intake on rubber snorkel. Then pull up or pry up on box. It is 'pressed in' on 3 rubber grommets. Pull air assy out and away form manifold. Unplug wire harness from EGR valve. Next using socket extensions and a 10mm socket remove the EGR valve that sits just beneath intake. It's tight but just be careful not to drop the bolts

What is this noise in my 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan?

2. vacuum leak (intake loose)
3. chain needs replaced
mostly its the egr stuck open. to clean it take it off and spray carb cleaner into the bottom of the valve not the top part and move the rod in and it should move back by itself if it dose not reclean it until it dose. For the intake check the bolts if one or more are loose that is your problem. yo need to replace the gasket not that hard. if you need help with the intake post it here and ill give step by step instructions
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