1996 chrylser cirrus jurks and loses power,please help!?

This happens when I drive about 20 miles


How do I change the air filter on 2002 mercedes benz c240?

my fathers car did the same thing. its a 99 300m. i hooked up my scanner to it and it read a problem with the speed sensors. so i changed them both. not a problem since. this could only be the case if your car is an automatic and im assuming it is. hope this helps.

Are Volvo's good cars? I might buy an old one like a 1981. Please let me know any information. Thanks?

Have your fuel pump checked out.You can do this by having someone remove the gas cap and listen into the tank while you turn the key to the 'start' position.There should be a whirring sound for a couple of seconds and then stop.If no sound, then pump is bad, if sound, then it could be the 'screen' at the pump.It's what filters the gas before entering the pump.It can become dirty enough to restrict the gas and thus the jerking and stop running.The screen soaks enough gas into it while the car is not running and then runs out as you drive.

The air conditioner of my dodge caravan only work in High.?

The first thing I would do is check the mechanical function of the egr valve which is located along a pipe that runs from the left exhaust manifold (on the side of the engine facing the front of the car) to the intake manifold area (where the incoming air in the large rubber tube enters the throttle). That valve is metal and has a round fitting with a vacuum hose attached, mounted on the top of the valve, and the round part is attached to the main body of the valve by a sort of saddle. Inside the open saddle you will see a metal rod (with a slot) that connects the round top fitting to to the valve body. That rod is a stem on the valve and it is supposed to go in and out in response to the engine vacuum which varies with RPM and throttle opening (gas pedal position). Take a spray can of WD-40 or other penetrating lubricant and spray the stem where it enters the valve body and then use a regular screwdriver blade tip inserted in the slot to lever the valve in and out to try and free up its motion. Also check all the rubber vacuum hoses associated with the valve and a nearby vacuum solenoid valve. If the valve seems to open (against the action of a spring) and close firmly by the spring action when using the screwdriver blade to facilitate the motion, then you should be able to now start the engine. You can, once it is idling, check that the valve stem moves when you rev the engine from idle to 2500 rpm and back to idle.
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