03 dodge ram 1500 4.7L V8?

my windshied wipers are not working, what could cause that problem?


People are saying VW jetta/bora MK4. So what does MK4 stand for? My car is 2001 jetta .Is it a MK4 MODEL?Thx?

burned motor.

Where is a good location to drill through fire wall in a 06' Wrangler?

or all of the above.

Besides running lights, how are Canadian built cars equipped different from American cars? ..better heaters?

check for recalls at the dealerships. I know the 03 dakotas had a recall for the wiper motors. so it dont hurt to ask and find out or goto the dodge website and put in your vin number on recalls and see if you get any hits.

When will the 2008 Prius be released?

There are no recalls for this concern on the ram 1500. You probably have a fuse, relay, or switch that went out. Possible the mutlifunction switch. Does everything else work ? Slim chance but possible wiper motor failed.
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