1992 Caprice, Why is antifreeze is leaking out of a small rubber elbow hose near firewall?

My 1992 Chevy Caprise has just started to leak antifreeze out of this small rubber elbow hose 2" X 2" that comes out of the firewall. It is not the coming from the heater hoses. It is almost like it is a overflow hose - but coming from the firewall. Is it a problem with my heater coil or something? It has just started in the past day and I'm loosing about 1 gal of water a trip. Any ideas?

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- Puzzled.


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unfortunately sounds like coolant leaking from your ac evaporator drain. this is the drain that is used to get rid of moisture like in the summer with the ac on the water that leaks out is normal. if coolant is comming out more than likely you get a sweet sort of smell in your vehicle and windshield is getting a greasy type of film on it. well unfortunately sounds like you need a new heater core.

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heater core need a new one or block it off.

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The heater core is leaking and it is running out of the condensor drain pipe.

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I had that issue on a 92 calalier. to buy time before having to change the heater core you could bypass it. (without heat though)

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sorry guy,your heatercore is leaking. you don.t need it till it gets cold again so you could just "loop" the hoses back to themselves. you need to do something real soon

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i own a repair shop ,and that's one of the hoses that goes to the heater core on it,either that or a small cross over hose,but this is a common problem with some of those cars,usually when of these are leaking its either the hose or clamp that's bad on it, or the heater core tube that it goes to is damaged on it,and i hope that isnt it,because a heater core is hard to put in one of those,just check it out,its probably just a hose,good luck i hope this helps.
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