Looking for rear frame rails for a 78 malibu?

any of that body style 78 - mid 80's will work.


2003 G35 coupe or 2004 GTO?

I own a shop, and a 78 along with a 80 Malibu's. Without knowing where you are at, makes it difficult to help. You can try this site www.maliburacing.com as I have seen several parts cars on there for sale. Did someone back half the car to make it a drag car? Many people cut them up for racing and throw away the stock rails. Neither one of mine has been cut, and they won't be as long as I own them. I might part with my 78 if the price is right. It don't run and has a 305 automatic in it. Its in fair condition, but it is all there. I paid $600 for it (like it is) a couple of years ago, and I know how hard it is getting to find them. I have intentions of restoring it, but I'm not sure my health is going to let me. Do check this Malibu site, as you can find a lot of stuff on there.
Glad to help out, Good Luck!

My honda accord has a stiff steering wheel which is tilted at an angle. what could be the problem?

Try your local junkyards
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