1990 chevy 4x4 truck 5 speed trans making rubbing sound in 1st 3rd and 5th?


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I own a transmission shop, and can tell you this; if it makes it with the clutch pushed in, it is the bearings in the rear of the transmission. When you push the clutch in it stops the front shaft. If you are going down the road and still hear the noise it means it is either in the rear of the transmission or the drive-shaft. Could be U-joints doing it. Another thing it may be is the transfer case is going out. Yours may be one that has the chain in it, and if it is, the chain has a lot of slack in it and needs to be replaced.
Glad to help out, Good luck!

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Could be something as simple as not enough oil in transmission (says hubby who is a mechanic).

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Other than that, he's gonna need more details.like when do you hear the noise (clutch in or out), what size truck, etc?

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i own a shop,and it sounds like an internal problem with the transmission,either that or its actually rubbing against something ,but usually this is cause by a synchronize in the transmission or a shaft ,on it,you need to put it up in the air with it running and in gear on a grease rack and get in under it and see if it can be heard from under neath of it,good luck i hope this helps.

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Sounds like countershaft bearing, or bearings are shelled out, and the torque is pushing your gears into the transmission case. It won't live long so don't drive it until you can pull it down, and check it out. It may have destroyed the case already. Good luck!

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could be bearings in your gearbox/transfer box as they wear more movement on sync-mesh in gearbox but check oil first as you cold of ran it low but hey next time buy a european car

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you need to replace the clutch or new transmission if its clicking your transmission is giving out.
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