1995 nissan pick up speedometer?

my speedometer quit working. what could be the problems and need a discription of the cable itself


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hi there!

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just so you know. That year vehicle has an electronic speedometer ( i do not mean digital ).

Bmw headlamps?

The speedometer is driven using an electronic speed sensor.

98 caddy sls. how do you remove a rack/pinion? from the side or the bottom/remove the A frame?

More than likely; the speed sensor or speedometer has gone bad. have the sensor checked and replaced if needed. if sensor is ok the have speedometer checked.

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i hope this helps. Good Luck!

Golf gti 16v cutting out?

1/4 " thick directly behind the speedometer, sounds like it has come off all together. wrapped in hard black covering

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I had a 1988 nissan pickup that had the same problem. It didn't gain a mile for 4 years because the odometer didn't work either. I tried to get it fixed a couple of times but it kept going out after a few weeks. Good Luck.
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