1993 bmw 325i white smoke out of vents?

i was driving down the road when white smoke came out of my vents? dont know if anbody can help me ? also my radio ,windows,sunroof does not work all the fuses are good ? i woul gladly take any info thanks olot dale


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wow i assume it was electrial smoke it sounds like something burned up sorry
electral problems is one of my specitalies i could find it

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it sounds like you burned a fuse link but you need to be carefull if you try to fix it yourself as the next time it burns you may take out the whole car
its time for a qualified electrial mechanic to fix it call around in your area to find one as im in utah

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ahhh it might've just been a little a/c condensation, unless it persists it's likely nothing to worry about.

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On the other stuff, check your relays.

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i'd like to say you have an oil leak and the white smoke comes from the oil burning, but the electrical is not working as well. thisw means don't drive it since there is a short circuit somewhere and you'll end up stuck in a road somewhere ot worse you car might go up in flames.
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