1995 Camaro Wiper Issues?

I already asked this question about how my Wiper Blades are banging against the plastic piece when they are on, and the arc that they sweep is too large... I called Autozone and they said i can adjust the arc by adjusting some toothed gear inside there... But i have no clue what to do... Can anyone help please? What do i need to take apart? How can i do it?


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The very first thing to do is turn the wiper blades on and turn your ignition key off at the blades highest point. With a wax pencil put a mark above the top of where the blade now sits. You need to decide if the blade sweeps too far or not enough. ***Your arms may be connected two completely different ways so be careful

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#1.*At the base of the wiper arm is the fulcrum or pivot point If there is a plastic dome at the bottom remove it. In the center there is a metric nut that has to be removed. With your left hand 3" above the pivot point press the wiper arm toward the windshield gently work the arm clockwise and counter clockwise for up to 3 min. The PRESS ON arm should have broken loose. Look at the mark on your windshield and adjust the arm accordingly press the arm back in position with your hands reconnect the bolt draw it down and try blades.

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#2.* As in the first case if you see no center cap at the pivot point simply press wiper arm toward winshield 3" upward from the pivot with left hand press on center with your thumb and pull the lower edge of the arm with the side of your first finger. We wiper arm should pull straight off the SPLINED wiper shaft. Move arm in relation to your mark on the glass and press the arm base back onto the spline. Occasionally, there's a tiny L shaped latch that snaps the wiper shaft below the splined end. The L shaped catch must be pulled away from the spline base before the arm can be removed.

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Just a little sweat and swearing but you'll get it. Good luck!

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If your wiper blades are to long you might have the wrong wipers installed.

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When you turn off wipers, what position are they in? Email me franksr57@yahoo.com
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