1993 nissan maxima question.?

i have a 1993 nissan maxima i was just wondering how to tell which model it was, if it was the gxe or the se, if it had the dual over head cams or the single overhead cam and what engine model it had wheather its the ve30de or the vg30e? if anyone new how i could tell it would help, it doesnt say which it is in the oweners manual. thanks


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any maxima questions these folks give good free advice.

Are you a chevy or a ford man?

You can find all that stuff by decoding the VIN. Usually car specific forums will know what your VIN means if you post it in a thread.

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If the speedo has a white face it's an SE DOHC. Also the GXE has one tailpipe while the SE had two. The GXE SOHC also has red valve covers. You can also decode the VIN here http://www.courtesyparts.com/specs/vin.h...

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The DOHC has silver valve covers that say DOHC in red. The GXE is no slouch and they both last forever. The DOHC has a timing chain instead of the belt that needs to be replaced every 60-80K.
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