1993 Pontiac Sunbird Convertible Side Weatherstrips?

Where can I buy some?

2007 altima 2.5S able to use 91 octane Gas ??

Don't say call a dealer, I already have, they are discontinued by GM.

Can you do anything to a silverado 1500 to make the suspension better for trailor hauling?

Went to the junkyard, every last car ther had bad ones...


I just got a 2008 Dodge Avenger, can i fit a super charger or two turbos, and how can i cheaply?

i believe companies like jc Whitney sells roles of weather stripping. it's not the exact piece, you need to trim it to length. but it is Farly cheap. you can go to there web site. i have a 92 shadow conv. and its hard to find lot's of special parts for it to. the problem with these kind of cars is they took a car and customized it. but didn't make alot of spare parts.good luck

Is GM stupid?

Try online auction sites like ebay. I know there are alot of salvage yards on there and someone might have what you need. Good luck!

Car is automatic gearbox with Steptronic -what duz it mean?

Anything at a junkyard is going to be old and rotten. Your best bet is to find an on line "after-market" supplier.

Does anyone make an aluminum rear differential cover for C3 corvettes?

I would also call shops that specialize in repair or replacement of convertible tops for cars. Chances are, this is something that is generic in nature which they may stock and can fit to your car without any trouble.
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