03 tiburon 5spd or 6?

is there a big difference between the 5 speed and 6 speed 2003 tiburon gt v6?


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Yes, if you're going to get a Tib, definitely go with a 5 speed. The 6 speeds transmissions on Tiburons have been a nightmare, particularly the 03 model. There is a class action lawsuit because they wear out so prematurely. Information about it can be found on many forums, but I found autobytel to be the best one.

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While the lawsuit is only concerning the 03 models, other model years have had similar problems with the 6 speed.

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The 5spd feels much more natural and is a lot better for daily driving. The gearing is exceptionally smooth.

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The 6spd is slightly faster if you're a great driver, slightly slower if not. For daily driving you'll feel like you're shifting far too often and you'll feel like you have to punch it after every red light to get moving at all. The 6spd also had some notorious clutch issues in '03.

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Personally I prefer the 5spd.

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The 6 speed accelerates to 60mph 0.2 seconds faster than the 5 spd and the 6 spd has a 1-2mph higher top speed and slightly better gas mileage.
The 5 speed is easier to drive.
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