1993 Ford F150 Front End Clunk when applying Brakes?

When coming to a stop the brakes squeak and somewhere in the front a clunk noise sounds then cuts out after released? Any idea what the problem is?


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Get you front end check out. It's not the brakes themselves so something isn't right and I'd feel a little nervous driving with that going on.

1995 Ford Probe problems?

Could be a brake pad droppped out of position in the caliper .

Where the heck can I find that part name from.?

I would certainly get your front end look at before it ends up costing more in the long run.

Need recommendation of a good mechanic!! Work on Grand Am?

I would replace the brakepads, check the front wheel bearings, and races to make sure they are not worn out, or loose. Check the rotors to make sure they are within specs, and inspect upper, and lower control arm bushings to make sure they are not torn, or missing. Check out your ball joints as well.

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Also check the radial arm bushings. The arms that go under the truck.
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