1995 Mercury Sable now brake fluid to rear calipers?

left rear brake line was disconnected from caliper when I got the car, installed new master cylinder still no fluid to rear calipers.


How do you program a 2003 Cadillac CTS keyless entry remote when you buy an extra one?

proportioning valve is stuck,try hitting the brake as hard as you can a few times this may free it up.check for kinks in the line farther up.also rubber lines like to rot on the inside and will swell shut and you cant see it.Had that happen before

How do I replace the grill on a 2005 dodge magnum?

The master cyl. must be bench bled before installation.

Does anybody own an 06 VW Passat? How is the car?

Remove the cap, open the bleeder on the caliper, depress the pedal several times. Allow the fluid to drip until no air is visible. DO NOT allow the MC to run dry.

What is the Lancia Fulvia like?

Tighten bleeder & refill the MC

What would cause a low idle in a car?

Good Luck

I have a 1999 f150. the digital odometer keeps going on & off. a friend had the same problem.what's the prob

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Are Kia Spectras reliable?

Make sure that the brake line isn't kinked or plugged. If there is a proportioning valve and this has been exposed to air, it needs to be replaced. The moisture in the air will have contaminated it by now, and cause it not to work. I would strongly consider replacing the brake caliper at this point too, as this is also ruined by now. Hope this helps.

1998 BMW 528i overheating?

try bleeding the rear brakes with the straight axel were it would be if it had tires on and on the ground. there should be a valve with linkage running from the axel to the valve
to detect when the car is in an emergecy stop and shuts off brake fluid to the rear so the tires don't lock up and you lose
control of the car.
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