1993 ford t-bird it runs fine but seems to heat up quickly, there is coolant what do you figure?


Please give me a list of guy cars?

There may be coolant, but is it CIRCULATING?

I want jdm taillights for my 94 celica st where can i get them?

Quickest thing and cheapest thing to replace is thermostat.

I am thinking of purchasing a nissan maxima GI-L 2004 model?

Else, check if there's actual FLOW of coolant, ie. pressure. Make sure there's no blockage.

Does anyone have or has had a saab 900 S or Aero. How do/did you like it?

If no blockage, replace coolant pump.

How much does a 2006 Toyota Forerunner V6?

Bad thermostate

I need help please?

you can change the thermas stat

About to purchase 2007 Honda Accord LX-SE V6. Does this model have any flaws, I know hondas are good.?

ditto the thermostat!


there could be many reason,s...check.thermos... water pump,belt,s,radiator [ for leak,s or blockage ]..radiator cap, [have cooling system pressure tested ].check cooling fan,s to be sure of operation,coolant level, air lock in the engine..also be sure you have good circulation & all hoses are in good condition!

I have a 1982 ford conversion van. When I turn the key the power comes on but I can't get the starter to turn

try the thermostat first..your fan might not be working right too.you could have a bad relay for the fan.if that's not it then you may have to do the heads.that's around $300.-$400.doller job.

What does trouble code P0341 cam shaft position sensor A bank 1 CKT range/perf on a 1996 chevy corsica mean?

is it boiling over easy? probably a blown head gasket

Toyota vs Honda VS Mitsubishi?

is waterpump leaking? if you suspect head gasket, uncap the radiator cap,start the engine,and see if the coolant gushes out the radiator. If so it's a head gasket problem,which most likely it is.

Ignition problems with 96 toyota celica lift back?

have you bleed the coolant system
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