1994 Lincoln Town car, windows will not roll up, auto trunk will not engage, what's wrong?

All electric. Any ideas how much it would cost to fix the problem?


I have a 97' Eagle Talon with a trouble shooting code P1494? What does that code mean? Not having any luck

Well, the windows get power from fuse "F" in the engine compartment fuse block, and fuse 6 in the dash fuse block. Then it goes thru the safety relay to the master switch on the drivers side. If all windows are all inop, that is where I would start. The trunk pull down motor gets its power thru fuse "1" in the dash fuse block. but those motors are notorious for going bad.
With electrical concerns, there can also be other problems, loose connectors,corroded wiring, open splices and so on.
Always check for power first, then just keep checking from component to component, and finally checking the grounds.
I didn't say to replace parts, check them first.

Will a olds series 3100 transmission fit a 3.4L olds transmission bolt up?

Hope it helps.

What to get to make a 1995 honda civic faster?

Sel it now... more problems to come.

Need to locate the thermostate in a 1998 ford taurus 3.0L overhead cam.?

could be just a fuse missing
it may not cost too much! have someone you trust
check it out to get an estimate
good luck

Does anyone know where is the fuel filter located on 96 mazda 626 lx?

it sounds like a fuse look in the owners manual

I want to do a JDM conversion to my 94 2dr Integra!!!?

try getting a new battery
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