'02 Ford Focus sucking gas?

Anyone tell me some possible reasons why my lil car is sucking gas like a dodge dually and making a whining noise while driving and idling?.. Also my check engine went on a few days ago.. I know bad bad car owner, but I just dont have the cash to get er in right now.


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i own a repair shop, and no I'm not going to say bad car owner,it happens to all of us once in a while but when you get time you need to run it by auto zone and have them scan the computer and see what trouble code comes up on it,this will explain the check engine light,also i think you probably need a minor tune up on it just spark plugs and wires and a new air filter,fairly cheap stuff to replace,but they will make it suck up a lot of gas though,and the whining noise coming from it maybe a hose off or something,if you get a chance have someone look at it for you ,most shops will look it over and not charge you nothing,but have it done ok,because you need to get it straitened out as soon as you can,good luck with it i hope this helps.

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Maybe your catalytic converter is malfunctioning. Could also be a $10 oxygen sensor.

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wheres the whining coming from? Does it whine when the AC is on/off? does the whine get higher when you turn? does it whine if you have it in park? Is the whine coming from the speakers? When the check engine light came on, did the car stop whinning, or did it reduce in volume?
It could be so many things, without knowing specifics, its going to be hard to help.
The most common problems for a whine are:
Seized pulley (ac, water pump, alternator) and these would all cause a check engine light.
Loose belts-This would cause a check engine light, and battery light.
power steering pump failing-check engine light
loose vaccum hose.. would aslo cause poor gas mileage.
the whine could be coming from the fuel pump
the whine could be related to the grounding of the fuel pump and stereo.
the whining could be caused by a worn transmission.

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The sucking gas could be a number of things. I do agree with the previous poster that it could be an 02 sensor/cat convertor, but it could also be for something as easy as a loose gas cap.
take the car to autozone and they will pull the codes free for you.
Before you take it to autozone, you can start a self diagnostics. The first thing you need to do, is find where the whine is coming from. Turn off your stereo, heater fan, ac, lights, and any battery charging device (ipod/cell). Do you still here the whine?
If it whines when you start it up, pop the hood and see if you can find any pulleys that arent turning, check your power steering fluid to see if its full, if its nearly empty, this would more then likely signal a faulty steering pump.
Do you see any fluids on the serpentine belt? Do you see the white threads in the belt?
So do these things and tell us what you come up with.

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IF I had all that you mentioned I do think I would be at the repair shop before it got any worse.

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Oxygen sensor is a likely culprit, but so is the M.A.F. (mass air flow sensor). If this is dirty, the performance of you car would be, let's say piggish. Spark plugs are another thing to consider as are the plug wires. The plugs are worn out at this point if they haven't been changed already. While it seems like I'm grasping for straws here, these are the cheap things for the most part. An oxygen sensor is going to run you about $65 plus installation and there are two on your Focus. If the tuneup parts don't work (spark plugs and wires) I suggest taking his into a competent mechanic, especially to clean that MAF sensor or change the oxygen sensor. It will save you money in the long run.

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kristy, go to auto zone , advance autoparts, oreilly autoparts they all do free scanning for the check engine light. That will be 99% of your bad fuel milage concerns. sounds like o2 sensor malfunction. if so thats covered under fords emissions warranty of 8 years or 80,000 miles.
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