What does customization mean?


What is the best wax for black BMW?

It means to make it your way - to customize it to your own liking

Toyota grades?

this is when you pay for additonal options that did not come factory.you Customize it your way

Kia/Hyundai are they the same company, just using a different name?

doesn't it mean to just make something your way? lol, that's what i think it is

Who owns Landrover?

It means custom, not normal production. Anything you do or put in your car that doesn't come from the factory that way is custom. Replacing the radio, changing the wheels, then it's acustom radio and custom wheels.

Mercedes Benz OR Toyota?

It's like the slogan For BK "Have it your Way" You have it made the way you want it..

98 2.0L SOHC performance parts?

watch "pimp my ride" you will find out that way!!

1998 cabrio...?

I'm customizing my Ranger at the moment. It came with a factory bench seat, I've replaced them with bucket seats from a Windstar. I had 14inch steel rims stock, and I replaced them with 15 inch aluminum rims from an Explorer. I replaced the factory stero (am/fm only) with a pioneer deck. Future plans are for a 3 inch drop and 5L conversion. Those are some examples. Basically customizing is where you take something and you change things about it to make it what you want it to be and not what it is.

Will ford stick with the giugiaro mustang?


Which car is better? the 2007 pontiac Grand prix gxp or the 2007 Dodge Charger R/T?

Customizing a car means different things to different people. Some think that adding aftermarket parts made for that vehicle is customization. I think that's consumerism. A real custom car or motorcycle is one of a kind. In other words, someone took the time to fabricate something or change something that didn't exist before. Look to chopping rooftops and frames, molding fenders, creating gas tanks, exhaust pipes, etc. Arlen Ness, Chip Foose, and a host of others are prime examples of customizers.

Chevy Cobalt problems?

it means you canb do editing to it. And make it wortk or look the way u want it to.

I have a camper van. It has carpet walls and carpet ceiling that need to be replaced.?

Ohh no!! President Bush is on Y-Answers LOL
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