1986 Ford Escort L - rear wheel locked-up.?

Haven't been driving it - insured to "sit". Moved it a month ago - all was okay. Driver's side rear. Want to assume it's the parking brake on that wheel. Maybe pounding on the outer drum? Moved to wet climate (Oregon coast) a couple months ago but is an Ohio car so not much different. Suggestions ... or, Answers?


Bleeding cooling system on 1989 Mazda 626.?

Brakes lock up all the time especially when sitting and being damp, Try rocking car back and forth and if that don't take wheel off and procide with BFH

Nissan Pathfinder?

emergency brake.thats the only thing.check the brakes,thats your problem

Can an Audi 90 Quattro Tow a Quad?

Yes it could be brake locked to inside of drum. Try rocking car back and forth to see if it will release.

Chrysler Crossfire?

Not a serious problem, and very common. Your drum has some surface rust in it, causing the brakes to stick to it. Two ways to rememdy this. Easy way, just drive the car, it will free itself up in a few seconds or so. Hard way, pull the drum off and sand it with 220 grit sand paper.

Does the Lexus Gs 350 have a built in garage opener?

use a screw driver to back the self ajuster off..
it is in the slot on the bottom of the backing plate

How to replace a camshaft postion sensor in a 2003 chevy blazer?

Just take the tire off and bang the drum with a hammer, if you are not able to move the vehicle at all. Here is the URL for auto zone in case you need info like putting in new brakes or whatever.
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