What are gets the best gas mileage?

1 put 38000 miles on my car in a year


How much is it to change locks on a 1999 Honda Accord?

Prius' can get up to 60 mpg, and it is a toyota so it will last forever

Car Repairs?

here's a link to them on ebay.

What are the differences between a Chrysler Pacifica and a Mercedes R350?

I'd suggest a turbo-diesel, like a Volkswagen Golf TDi...They make good power and average like 50 or 60 mpg, but you need to fill up with diesel (costs about the same as premium); savings are still very significant. I would not recommend a hybrid though, for several reasons. Costs right now are about $5,000 or so greater than the standard gasoline vehicle, it only helps in city driving and batteries need to be changed every 5 or 6 years. Not to mention lost cargo space and added weight of the batteries.

I have a 98 honda accord & I think my headlights are tilt a bit downward even if had HID its useless pls help

If you're willing to wait a couple of years, there will be more diesel vehicles available, so you will have more variety, but that might not be for up to 2 years.

Can I install OnStar on a post factory or non-GM car? Or is there an alternative system?

Get a Honda

89 camaro?

I own a '98 Jetta TDI which I use for strictly freeway driving. I get anywhere from 48-52 mpg. I'm still unsure about hybrids. I've heard their ratings are overestimated, and also that the batteries are expensive to replace. One prius owner I spoke with told me he was getting 55mpg, and was ***** footing it.

Four wheel drive not working on 93 wrangler?

Either a Jetta diesel, a Prius or Honda fit. The diesel and prius get around 50 mpg average, and the manual honda fit that I have gets 42 mpg average after engine break in
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