What does HHR stand for on the chevy vehicle?


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Heaven Help Retards. That buy American vehicles.

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HHR stands for "High Heritage Roof"

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heritage high roof

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High Hope of Recycling

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horribly hiddeous roadcar?

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August 12, 2003

Is the Prius reliable?

At a recent management meeting, General Motors North America President Gary Cowger revealed this illustration and announced the HHR ("High Heritage Roof") crossover will be offered in 2005. Described a spiritual cross between the Suburban and SSR, the HHR numbers among the nine all-new Chevy products to be shown in the next 20 months. The HHR is shown here flanked by the SSR and a 1949 Suburban.

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I wish they would do something about it's roof ...
Im 5 '11 and when i sit in one i can't see the traffic lights over head ...

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Homely,homely ride!

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I agree with myopinion.I'm 5'9 and have the same problem!
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