1995 buick regal?

wont start makes clicking noise battery light was on yesterday


My a lower a frame is mess up on my Mazda 626 1996 can it be fix?

Probably alternator/generater caused dead battery.

On a 2003 Ford Escape, where exactly is the connector for an OBD-II Scanner?

Jump the battery and go STRAIGHT to a mechanic or battery place and have it (charging system) checked.

Am having some problems with my 02 mustang mach 460 stereo!!?

Drained battery, and you may need a new starter.

Ive been looking for a rim that ENKEI makes, model number (RPOM) if anyone can help me please e-mail?

Your batterey is dead. Jump start the car and measure how much juice your altenator is putting out. You may need a new altenator. If the altenator is fine you will need a new batterey.

I have a 96 honda accord lx and i want to make it faster?

likely your alternator is failing and killing your battery, testing for that problem is relatively cheap. i would do that before just replacing the battery or you will simply kill the new battery as well

Why does my 91 Ford Explorer drive so slow?

Its not charging. Jump starting it won't help, it will just leave you stranded. Take the battery out and take it to an auto parts store. Most of them will recharge it and test it for you for a few bucks. If its good after charging, take it home and put it back in. Then you can start it and drive it a short distance to get it checked out. It could be that the alternator belt broke and came off. Look at all the pulleys and see if one doesn't have a belt on it.

327cid in a 76 MG Midget?

battery is dead

Does anyone have a Mitsubishi FTO?

alt failed that's why the lite came on yesterday,car was running on the battery whice drained the battery whice is why it will only click now,charge the battery & replace the alt.(those cars was really bad to go thru alt. get one with a life time warnitly & save your recept you will need it)
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