What causes the disc brakes on my car to become warped? 02 VW Jetta TDI?

What is the main cause of warped brakes? What can I do to prevent this?


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Normally warped rotors are a result of improper wheel installation. If the lug nuts (studs in your case) aren't tightened in the proper sequence to the correct torque, your rotors will always warp. Only solution now is to turn these, or replace them, and be sure the wheels are installed correctly. Hard braking will not warp the rotors, only allow them to warp if they are under uneven pressure from the lug nuts.

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** A dragging caliper will introduce higher heat levels than normal into the rotor, but by itself will not cause warpage either. A dragging front brake will normally manifest in a pull to one side, not a vibration. Also, this pull may change from side to side as you drive, and then may return when applying the brakes. This is all heat related, so look closely at the rotors for any discoloration, or of course, a burning smell. But as you didn't mention a smell before, it sounds like someone was in a hurry, or just didn't know how to put your vehicle back together correctly.

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Usually it's caused by constant hard-braking over time. You can prevent this by braking easily, instead of coming to hard stops after hard acceleration. Also, try downshifting if on a steep grade to let the engine and transmission aid in slowing the car.

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Alot of times it's driver error, coming to stops too harshly and heating the rotors up then sitting with the brakes on fully pressed while stopped is one thing. If you have drum rear brakes they may not be properly adjusted causing the fronts to do more work than usual causing them to heat up more.

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The main cause of warped discs/drums is overheating. Prevention is in your braking habits. Try coming to gradual stops by braking early. Slow down a bit, then let off the brake a few seconds, then slow down more, and let off again, then come to a stop. This way, ur slowing down, but letting off allows ur discs/drums to cool down before applying them again. By the time you are ready to stop, your car is slow enough that the heat generated by the friction is short and wont hurt your discs.

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hanging caliper, cheap aftermarket rotors, slamming on the brakes often

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what causes them to warp is the heating and cooling of the breaks. Stop trying to stop on a dime and put some space between you and the car ahead of you. Also antisipate the stop. when your driving around town if the light that is beyond the light your sitting at is green and your light is red. Chances are the other light will be red when you get there. So do race to it just so you can stop. Also start slowing down a little before the light. slow down and make longer stops. I have never had a major disk warpage on my breaks. I've been driving for 25 years.

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Heat is the main cause of warped rotors. Either the calipers are not releasing properly, or they are being overworked by steep hills or two footed driving.
Another common cause of rotors feeling warped can be rust on the surfaces that the pads touch. The easiest way to prevent rust, is to avoid letting the car sit outside in rain or snow for extended periods of time. When you drive they are constantly rubbed clean, but if the rust is allowed to get too much of a bite, you will be stuck with a nasty pulsation.

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i own a repair shop,and what the most common cause of this is usually a sticking caliper on the brakes or riding the brakes a lot,but its usually its the calipers sticking on it that causes this to happen,and and also certain types of brakes shoes can get the rotors too hot and do it,but id check and see if any of the wheels seem tight to turn over,you can do this by jacking it up and having it in neutral,make sure it can fall or roll away with you ,sometimes you can feel which wheel is sticking,and this might help you find it,and if you cant find it,you may have to take it in to a shop,and let them look at it,sometimes they can go right to the problem,good luck i hope this helps.

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Not Maintaining the brakes properly, brake pads wearing out or not braking properly. You should also try a different brand of rotor. Have the brakes check and cleaned at least once a year.

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overheating then being cooled off rapidly is it frt or rr brakes sometimes lines get moisture and freeze causing sticking

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hard braking and what not...the only way to some what prevent warping is get drill slotted rotors so the heat produce has somewhere to go and wont heat the rotors up and warp them
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