'07 Acura MDX or '07 Infiniti FX35 ? for my wife. Can't really deceide both of them have their own pros & cons

I reallly like the looks of the FX but I do like MDX's features and praticality i.e. the trunk release (especially with the baby.. it would be handy)
I feel better with the FX styling, but is the MDX definately has it all!
Please vote and give a reason either way!
Thank You!!


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My husband bought me 2005 FX35 for my b-day. Oh man, I get a lot of attention from all ages of people. To me it is sporty, yet classy. My husband test drove Lexus SUV, Murano, MDX and FX when he shopped for a car. He chose FX because it's a rear-wheel drive and a beautiful car. Yes, the Bose system is a blast. FYI: Did you know that one of Jaguar's sports cars has a similar look to FX model?
FX is not spacious. You have small children and may need room for cargo, MDX may be the right one for your family as it's a 7-passenger car.
Have your wife drive both cars and let her decide. Have fun!

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since it will be for your wife, take her to look at both vehicles, test drive them and then let her choose. They both are good cars. I own a acura tsx and love it but it should be her decision since she will be driving it-not me.

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07 mdx is a brand new generation.therefor it will have all the latest and greatest bells and whistles. 07 fx is currently in its last years in that generation.though it still has many luxury features. it's going to be up to what you like to drive. mdx also has a third row.

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i have the MDX love it. i also have 3 kids ages 3 wks.,10 months, & 3 yrs. they love it too.

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fx- they are cheaper and i like the styling way better too.

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The MDX is the better overall car and more advanced design with its SH-AWD, which is the state of the art in all wheel drive. The MDX has a more HP and better overall on the road performance as well as more interior room. The current FX is going to be replaced next year with a updated model. The MDX also just placed first in a large comparison test in Car and Driver against Mercedes Benz ML series, Land Rover LR2, Lexus GX, Volkswagen Tourag, Cadillac SRX and a few more. The FX is a little better looking car and I would just buy a 2 year old used one, let someone else take the depreciation.. They are allot of used ones floating around for about $30,000.00

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ACURA MDX: acura has the best technology overall, compared to infiniti and lexus (the new LS beats everything though, very nice car) competitors. mdx has the third row seats. it's a honda so it's safe. good gas mileage. the car it self is bit expensive. awd w/ sh. overall, best suv. i would recomend this one.

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INFINITI FX35: it is fast for a suv. very fun to drive car. infiniti cars are all sexy, so if you or your wife wants to turn heads, go ahead. fx is luxurious. seats are confortable. bose sound system is nice. a car worth the money.

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Good luck to you and your wife. In my opinion, you and your wife will be pleased with either choices. Since your wife will be the main driver, you should have her test drive both of them. I recomend the Acura, so give that shot first.

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I prefer the MDX.

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If you look at the reviews in the link you will see that the MDX won editors most wanted award. The Infiniti did not.

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The MDX is a newer design and is very high tech, the FX is getting towards the end of its cycle. This means that in 2-5 years time when you trade the MDX is likely to still be a current model. The FX will likely have been re-designed completely, so it will look more dated.

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If you get the MDX with the tech package you have a top of the line vehicle fully loaded.

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If you get an FX35 it will never be top of the line because there is an FX45 which has some extra features.

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The MDX is bigger and higher which is what people seem to like for babies. Goodness knows why a baby needs an SUV, but that's what people seem to like these days!

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The FX is more like a jacked up car than an SUV. It is lower to the ground and is more of a crossover vehicle. Whereas the MDX is more of an SUV.

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Consumers voted the MDX better on Edmunds. 9.3 versus 8.8.

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The True Cost to Own on Edmunds indicates that on average a MDX is 3c per mile cheaper to own than the Infiniti.

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The MDX gets slightly better fuel economy, and has 25 more horse power and better towing capacity.

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At the end of the day it is tough to decide, as they are both great vehicles. Consider too the dealer experience. See who is most willing to give you a good deal. But all things being equal with the dealers, I'd probably go for the larger newer looking MDX. I'd expect to get a better trade in when I'm done with it.

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the MDX will outlast the infinity by a long shot

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plus the mdx is nicer.

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i prefer the MDX. Being a woman, and rather on the short side at 5'4", I had a very hard time seeing out of the FX35. The roof felt like it was right on top of me, and I felt like the sides were too close. It just was a very dark cave like feel.

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I am a long time Acura person and just love what they have done to the MDX. Sat in one at a car show at xmas and it was very nice. Acuras are the complete package. you don't need to buy all sorts of unncessary package deals to get the features you want. Just buy and go.

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The MDX is definately a better car. The MDX is more technologically advanced than the FX .. The FX is no more than a Nissan Murano with a lil bit of nice leather and cosmetics . If you want the better car for your money, do your wife a favor and get the MDX .
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