02 Focus owners manual?

I purchased an 02 focus (used) and obviously didnt have an owners manuel. Anybody know where i can find one?


I have a 99 plymouth breeze that has a 2 liter,4 cylinder engine, what can I do to make my car faster?

I know EXACTLY where you can find one!
And it is absolutely free!
And you don't have to do anything but wave your mouse pointer & click here:

Why do they consider the Enzo Wreaked?


Does anybody know how much a 1962 Chevy truck is worth? It is not in good shape but runs great!?

(it's in PDF format so you can download it & save it to your computer )

Subaru : what does dual stage heated seats mean?

I am feeling particularily generous tonight so here is the quick referance guide: (in full color, I might add)

Honda Civic Engine Swap?


Mercedes Benz OR Toyota?

and the maintenance schedule:

Where could i find a body kit for a 1998 Hyundai Accent. any sites in mind?


Super charger boost seup?

(I just love to say that!)

Can i install power windows if mine are standar on my truck?

Ebay or local Ford Deal can get you one.

Are their can rebates or incentives on a scion tc?

If you would like to buy a hardcopy, you can go to helminc.com, they have all of them for about 20 bucks.
Hope this helps.
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