1986 Volvo wagon i bought it but where is the best place to sell my parts!?

Thanks for all the answers i bought the volvo wagon for $150.00 and drove it home but now i want to sell the parts looking for a good place to do so!


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Craigs List. I've sold lots of parts on there.

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i own a repair shop ,and i have done this 50 times or more,run an add in your local auto trader ,and part it out that way,you,ll make a lot on just selling parts,i usually do like you ,buy them for about nothing,and make real good of parting them out,i parted a ford probe out that i gave 150 bucks for and wound up making over 1200 on it,so you can do good on this one,but id bet there are people around you or in near by cities that will see this add ,and call about it,good luck with it,i hope this helps.
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