What are the weak points to the Honda Civic SI Engine that could be replaced for more HP?

I'm fairly new to tuning cars, and I'd really like to get some nice performance out of my car, my goal is to get a Turbo in there. So are there any other upgrades I could do and if so what specifically?


I have a corolla and it started making a very loud rumbling noise...do you think it is the front tires?

nitro,suspension,cold air intake,turbo,flowmasters exhaust this setup will give you some horsepower but not a lot if you want a car with some power just get a 1971 chevelle ss a put a 454 in and work on that you will get a lot of horsepower and way faster than any honda

Can a 2001 chevrolet Malibu LS tow a Jet ski, trailer and full gas. It weighs in total 1084 lbs.?

all honda love to beath make it beath and u get power after that maybe a vtec controller and if u live in a hot weather place maybe a cold can or u can just ls/vtec it

Does a 91 chrysler new yorker have a flexplate or a flywheel?

short of nitrous and turbo, there isnt much u can do to up the performance. i got a book on it and it is pretty much at peak. u can change the intake to a cold air, better exhaust manifold etc. maybe a bigger throttle body.

Did anyone know how many teeth there are in a timing belt for mazda 323 model year 2002. Thanks?


Does anyone know where the antenna for my regency 2000 chevy express is?

if vtec engine get a vtec controller, i would recomend from Apexi V-AFC looks cool and its works...intake&the exhaust.. then get a fuel regulator from SARD, and finally a turbo kit .. (costly a bit)..

I'm looking at a 1997dodge neon 4Cly with 64k are they dependable?

the number one thing you can do is research, dont accept shitty sales ppl's advice about your car, bc its your car. if you are looking for stuff to do under 500 then you could start with intakes depending on what model you have different intakes will work better, i have an AEM v2 on my car because it provides the most ammount of hp, so basically disregard price if youre going to try to do it right, bc to mod your car right you have to spend a little extra. also you could try a full exhaust, but its really not going to do anything and theres really no reason for it unless you have forced induction or alot of exhaust. another thing you could to id the intake manifold, usually they are engineered to find a nice middle ground between performance and fuel efficiency, you could get a straight performance manifold, and increase a decent amount of hp. and lastly, if gas mileage doesnt matter too much you could throw in a different cam shaft preferably a stage 3 bc there is really no reason for a stage 2 or 1 if youre eventually gonna get a 3...also v-tec controllers are nice, standalone systems are nice, but really pricey, and turbos are wonderful but you have to do your research, or you could always pay someone else to, and if thats the case, id be more than happy to help... :)
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