What is the 0-60 for the 07 GTI and the 04 R32?

which one is faster, im thinking about buying one of them, which ever one os faster i will buy that one, which ones faster 04 R32 or the new 07 GTI?


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the R32 is 6.4 sec and GTI is 6.7

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faster is a relative term. the 0-60 times are dependent on things like, who's driving, track conditions, reaction times, tire condition etc

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in a perfect world where both cars are run in the exact same conditions, the R32 would be faster. not to mention the fact that the R32 is all wheel drive, which (obviously) gives you a better grip off the line and in corners.

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but if i were you, i would save my dough and wait for the new R32 to get here. it's more or less the same, but with more power from the factory (250 hp, the 04 has 240 hp). although the GTi is a 2.0t which would benefit from ECU tuning and could potentially create more power, but at a cost. the only bummer is that you cant get a manual transmission with it...only comes with a six speed DSG transmission (but with paddle shifters!!)

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and they are only going to bring 5000 into the US, so it's going to be a rare car right from the start.

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you can also get all kinds of real word info at www.vwvortex.com

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R32 is faster.
But you do know they are making another R32, right? The 2004 and new one are limited edition (only 5000 made), so either one you pick is a rare find.

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The 0-60 IDK but i do know that the 04 R32 has more speed or horsepower under its belt and there coming out with a new 07 R32.
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