1987 Camaro How do i tell if i have any of the teeth missing of of my flywheel? I think i do not sure.?


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Take off the plate on the bottom of the bell housing and look at as many teeth as you can. Mark the extents of what you saw with a little bit of paint and take a ratchet and rotate the crankshaft on the front of the motor. That way you won't break off any teeth using a screwdriver. You could also just bump the starter with the coil wire off and see where the fly wheel ends up. It shouldn't take too long to see the entire fly wheel. Most of the time, a few missing teeth isn't going to hurt you. You just might get that weird grinding sound when you try to start the car and the starter is on a place where there's no teeth. But that probably won't happen too much.

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Remove the rock guard from the transmission bellhousing and look.

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And use a big flat tipped screwdriver to rotate the flywheel one tooth at a time.

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if your tranny is automatic you remove the inspection/torqeconverter cover(between back of motor and front of tranny) you must remove the starter first then the inspection cover this will reveal the flywheel bolted to the torqeconverter. with the car in nuetral, use a large screwdriver and wedge it between the flywheel and slowly turn the motor over with screwdriver inspecting the flywheel teeth as you turn it. hope this helps you.

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under neath where the trans. bolts to the bellhousinf is a flywheel cover,remove it and with the car in neutral and the emergency barkes on,you need a flywheel tool or a big screwdrive and watch what you are doing,one slip and you cak tear your knuckles up-and it hurts bad to the bone.

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Remove the inspection cover off of the bellhouseing and with a big flat tip screw driver rotate the engine and inspect the teeth as they go by and see if any of them are bad.

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If any teeth are gone off of the flywheel, you would know it. Will it pull out? Is the clutch slipping?
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