What did they do differt to the 4.6 V8 in the 2005 Mustang to get the horse power up from the 2001 Mustang 4.6

what did ford do to make the 2005 Mustang with the 4.6 V8 to have more horsepower than the 2001 Mustang 4.6 V8 thanks


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I know that between the 98 and 99 v6 they increase hp just by playing with fuel intake so it's probable that it's the same deal with the 8's.

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may have also tweaked the gear ratio. I'm not a big car nut but...I would think that may have been done.

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Better flowing, 3-valve heads.

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And, uh, kdog...WRONG, the 4.6L had 3 valve heads for ALL vehicles it was in starting in '05. Get your facts straight. Don't believe me? Go look at some Ford literature.

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There also is no 5.4L available in the Mustang. The only Mustang that had a 5.4L in it was the '00 Cobra R.

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Gawd, this place is full of misinformation.

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I think they changed the intake and made the exhaust larger. One guy said they used 3 valve heads. That is not correct. Only 5.4L V8 uses 3 valve heads and they didn't show up in the mustangs until the new '05 models.

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3 valve heads and more compression

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From what I understand.. better computer processing, better exhaust/intake and 3 valves per cylinder in the 4.6 like the 5.4s have in the f-series...

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also only the mustang and explorer from what I know got the 3 valve 4.6 ... The Crown victoria and f-150 still share 2 valve motors
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