1994 ford ranger pick-up...over 200 thoundsands miles?

I'm driving a red 1994 ford ranger pick-up that i purchased brand spanking new in 1995, it has over 250 thoundsand miles and still going strong and the engine is as quiet as a kentucky sunday morning ! I've always kept my oil changed on time and stuff like that,my family is pressuring me to get in debt and buy something newer, but i say why fix it if it ain't broken? how much longer can i have such luck with old faithful? she has'nt let me down yet and i see no reason to put her to sleep just yet! should i tell my family to take a hike? P.S.SHE HAS A BODY OUTTA SIGHT TOO!


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It sounds like you've taken good care of your vehicle and it's paying you back for that care. You should easily see another 100k miles if you continue doing what you've been doing, and maybe a LOT more than that with proper care and a bit of good luck.

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Even if you had the worst luck running and had to replace both the engine and the trans at the same time, you'd still be $$$ ahead of the game by keeping Old Faithful. That would still be MUCH cheaper than going into debt and buying a new vehicle.

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It probably would be a good idea to start setting aside some money towards future repairs or the down payment for an eventual replacement, but don't let anyone pressure you into wasting your money!

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You got your money's worth, probably twice over.
As long as you are happy with the truck, keep on driving it until the wheels fall off.

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Sounds like you should keep this one! A car is for transport, not something to impress friends and neighbours with! So long as it stays reliable, keep it!

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like you said why fix something that isnt broke, had a ford car (tempo) that ran over 400 the tranny went out on it and it needed a muffler and brakes really just maintains except for the tranny but i got tired of driving it for so long and got another vertical i would keep it till it really dies if i were you the next car might be a money pit

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WOw! Congratulations on those miles!Anyway,why go into debt If "old faithful" is still going strong?There may however come a time,when something major goes,Trans,engine,rear etc.,For now,I would keep her,and bank away a little to get these things repaired,or purchase something different.I drive a 96 gmc pickup w/over 260k on it,and it needs minor stuff every now and then,but its paid for.Tell your family to take a hike.Sounds like a nice truck,and you would miss it if you got something else.GOOD LUCK!

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I've never had a Ford go that far, but I've driven 4 different Chevys over 300k. One of my coworkers has a 99 Suburban with close to 700k on it now. Why trade it if it still runs good?

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You should drive your Ranger until it starts giving you serious problems. In the meantime, it would be a good idea to start saving up for a newer model. If you start saving now, and you get five more years out of your truck (from your description, you should get at least 5 years), you will have enough to make a nice down payment on a new one.

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I agree. No reason to ditch her yet. I drove an old 1980 Mustang, and we sold it after it got rear-ended by some dumb kid in a lifted truck. Took out the taillights and bent the hatch. She had 262,000+ on the odometer when she went to someone at my dad's work. He replaced the taillights and hatch, and still drives it from time to time.

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Oh, and I would've replaced the parts myself, but we got an '81 Chevy pickup for free, and since the Mustang was being used mostly like a truck (even hauled bags of dirt once) it was a no-brainer to go with the truck.

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And that's why I drive a FORD. Drive it until you can't drive it anymore.

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drive it till the body falls off just to see how far it will go.Parts are cheap for this truck and its a lot cheaper to fix and maintain than a car payment. I have a 92 ranger 3.0 2wd and it has 200,000 on it.Ive been offered trades of cars and a motorcycle for it and turned them all down.just keep the maintenance up on her and bank your money.Im sure its cheaper than the car payment and full coverage ins.I could tell you about the new cars and the problems I see every day working in a part store but theres not enough room in here.But in short parts are not cheap they break down more and light light up cuz your spare tire needs air just to name a few.

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Miles don't mean anything, its how it's used and maintain. My last car had 380,000 miles with little repairs
Engine was a 460

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I saw an Odometer with 244,000 actual miles and it ran awesomely well.no problems.the more you take care of it,the longer it will be good to you.
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