03 Ford Explorer - # Keypad on door will not work - any ideas what it may be?

The # keypad on my door will not lock or unlock my doors to my 03 Ford Explorer anymore. It just stopped working. Any ideas what it could be? Anyone else have this problem?


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Try pressing the (7/8) (9/0) simultaneously, to see if all doors lock. If they do, at least you know those two keys work. If not, one of the two buttons is inoperative. Either way, it seems like your keypad is worn, and likely needs replacement, unless you have wiring issues to the keypad, which is less likely. The ONLY way to verify proper function of the keypad is to take it into a Ford dealer, where the servicing tech can hook up IDS and monitor the keypad PIDS while operating each of the five buttons. Hope this helps.

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have the wiring checked first!

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If someone has played with your keypad (as we know people tend to do), they may have inadvertently changed your key code. the only way to fix this is to take your vehicle to your local Ford dealer and have them reset. Usually costs around 40 bucks or so.

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make sure you didn't accidently forget your combination! you should go to or call your local ford dealer and tell them the problem.

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rakel is correct on possible issues with the buttons worn or sticking... also if the car recently had the battery changed or jumped off, any codes stored in by the user are lost (only the 5 digit code that came from the factory will work as it's never lost)

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Hope this helps
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