1967 ford mustang gt fastback?

the car have a 335hp the car is totally restores but I still having 10k to invest on it what can I do to it, the car has the engine already chrome, what can I do to make this car the fast in my town is a 4 speed manual tranny


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Get a two speed trans this will make it go faster because it will not have to go threw all the gears to get max performance. Also get the best crank shaft you can and put it in the engine. You could also do something with the exhaust for performance. Actually you could just take the exhaust off tottally It may be loud but it would run quick just do something with the manifold for pressure.

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put in a two speed rear end and get a oxygen bottle to the carb nos is not legal. Nash electronic two speed should do it?

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Your gonna have trouble having the fastest car in town.The early mustang frames couldn't handle too much power after the 429 Cobra Jet GT Shelby model was built.That is one of the reasons for the bigger Mach 1.You can add dual exhaust, maybe a slightly lower gear ratio rear end,wheelie Bars, Some Slicks (tires) and try to rid the car of any excess weight.Good Luck and don't kill yourself.Radcing is alot of fun if done in safe conditions like a Professional 1/4 mile track.
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