1985 302 5.0L Thunderbird w/ Turbo?

I have been doing some research on this subject, but can't seem to really find an answer anywhere. Does anybody know, if it's even possible, what kind of turbocharger/s would work on a 1985 Thunderbird with a fuel-injected 5.0L 302? I don't need anything real high-end, I'm just looking for a bit more power. If more information is need let me know. thanks.


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Mustang Turbo's are what you are after. just about ANYTHING made for the mustang will work on the T-birds as they both use identical drivetrains.

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why are you asking here?

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Here is one good site for new stuff,
Turbo Kits and More

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Here are some good groups with lots of used turbo info

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if you use the SVO turbo, (turbocoupe) you will need to upgrade it R3/R4 and use 2,

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you can find lots of this stuff on ebay.com

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the 2.3 turbo would work on idle and low RPM but would run out of boost on high RPM. the t.bird and mustang are almost the same so a kit for a mustang may work with minor mods. if your just looking for a bit more power, try small things like roller rockers, timing advance, better exaust, intake, gears. a turbo add on is a big investment in time, money and sweat. if your engine is high on miles you may need a rebuild before it can handle a turbo.
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